Belize General Elections of 2003

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Dean Barrow Queen's Square UDP

 Said Musa      Fort George     PUP


Rene Montero 2260 Cayo Central       UDP

 Mario Casteanno        2438  Cayo Central         PUP     


Louis Leslie Lake Independence UDP

Cordel Hyde Lake Independence PUP

Douglas Singh Freetown      UDP

Francis Fonseca Freetown       PUP

Diana Haylock   Pickstock      UDP

Godfrey Smith Pickstock      PUP

Carlos Walker Fort George     UDP

Dickie Bradley Queen Square  PUP

Oscar Ayuso Caribbean Shores UDP

Jose Coye Caribbean Shores PUP

Felix Sutherland Bz Rural North UDP

Maxwell Samuels Bz Rural North PUP

Manual Heredia Bz Rural South UDP

Patty Arceo      Bz Rural South PUP

Colin Gillett Bz Rural Central  UDP

Ralph Fonseca Rural Central    PUP

 Patrick Faber        Collet             UDP

Remijio Montejo Collet              PUP

Michael Finnegan Mesopatamia UDP

Phillip Brackett Mesopatamia PUP

Marlilyn Williams Albert           UDP

Mark Espat      Albert            PUP

Anthony Martinez Port Loyola     UDP

DoloresBaldoramos  Port Loyola      PUP

NemenicioAcosta Corozal North UDP

Valdemar Castillo Corozal North PUP

Carlos Castillo Corozal Bay UDP

Vildo Marin Corozal Bay  PUP

Servando Samos Corozal S. East UDP

Florencio Marin Corozal S. East PUP

Gabriel Martinez Corozal S. West UDP

Gregorio Garcia Corozal S. West PUP

Philip La Fuente OW North    UDP

Servulo Baeza OW North     PUP

Elodio Aragon OW East      UDP

Dave Burgos OW East      PUP

Miguel Urbina OW Central   UDP

Johnny Brecenio OW Central  PUP

Julian Padron    OW South        UDP

Ishmael Cal        OW South        PUP

Dean Williams Cayo North   UDP

Ainsle Leslie   Cayo North    PUP

Rene Montero Cayo Central UDP

Mario Casteallo Cayo Central PUP

JohnSaldivar Cayo South   UDP

Agripino Cawich Cayo South  PUP

Erwin Contreras Cayo West       UDP

Kendal Mendez Cayo West       PUP

Dennis Usher Toledo West UDP

Maecial Mez Toledo West  PUP

Eden Martinez Toledo East   UDP

Mike Espat Toledo East   PUP

Russell Garcia Dangriga       UDP

Sylvia Flores Dangriga       PUP

Glen Eiley   Stann Creek West      UDP

Rodwell Furgoson Stann CreekWest PUP

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